‘Colbert’ Provides Some Thanksgiving Tips To Spice Up Your Holiday Like Never Before

Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving until you scrape all the stuffing out of the VCR. Well, at least according to the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Wednesday’s edition of Colbert featured loads of Thanksgiving chat (because why not?) and a segment aimed at last-minute Thanksgiving chefs. Colbert served up a lovely instructional video packed with “Thanksgiving tips” that may or may not pan out for you and your extended family. Instead of stale presentations of your meal coupled with a cornucopia, why not roll with a lovely traffic cone instead? Are things getting dull? Maybe this year you can embrace a traditional “stuffingata” that will keep your kids occupied. It’s all very silly and funny with a dash of surreally haunting when you just stare at that stuffing-packed VCR for an extended stretch.

Elsewhere in Wednesday’s episode, “man-giant” life strategist Tony Robbins popped by to offer a happy Thanksgiving and push his exciting new bestseller Awaken the Turkey Within in the 11:37 pm slot. As you can see, Tony’s advice is pretty handy.

That apron isn’t half-bad either. I wonder if it comes in non-giant sizes. Hmm… Or would the turkey within demand a giant size? Something to grapple with while taking a swing at the stuffingata, I suppose.