Stephen Colbert Remembers When Tim Meadows Called Him A ‘Motherf***er’ For Throwing Hot Dogs At People

The best talk-show guests are always longtime friends or colleagues of the host — look no further than when Jon Stewart had on virtually any of his former correspondents. So when Tim Meadows stopped by The Late Show last night to promote his new Fox series Son of Zorn, Stephen Colbert started off the interview by taking a trip down memory late to when the two comedian first met, more than 25 years ago.

Before Meadows even walked out, Colbert announced him by saying, “I’ve known my next guest since I was 25 years old and the first time he ever talked to me he was angry and yelling and I deserved it.” At the time, Colbert said he had just gotten hired onto Second City and he was attending a 4th of July party at Meadow’s girlfriend’s mother’s house, when he maybe had a bit too much to drink. And as drunk 25-year-olds are wont to do, Colbert “crawled on the roof of her mother’s garage and started throwing hot dogs at people at the party.”

Although Meadows doesn’t remember exactly what he yelled, he correctly guessed, “I’m sure it had M-F in there somewhere, probably.” “It did!” Colbert exclaimed. “And it ended with, grow the f*ck up.” Classic Meadows.

Meadows also went on to discuss the trials and tribulations of being a father to teenage sons who don’t realize or care that their dad is a famous actor: “I’ll tell them, every once in awhile, I’ll go, ‘do you guys realize that Tim Meadows, the television star, is cooking your breakfast?’ ” I wish Tim Meadows was my dad.