Stephen Colbert Gets A Reboot During The Emmy Awards Courtesy Of The Folks At ‘Westworld’

Stephen Colbert needed to take a break close to the one hour mark of the Emmys, not by choice but more due to a critical failure in his hardware. Luckily, the fine folks at Westworld were on hand to bring him back online and get to the root of his problem in this humorous sketch starring Jeffrey Wright. Colbert stripped down to mostly nothing — network television won’t allow too much of the rear view according to his earlier tease — and went through some diagnostics with Wright’s Bernard.

Yes, there was another Trump joke included, but those should’ve been expected long before the night began. The real joy came from seeing Colbert emote his way through all of the Emmy winning protocols installed in his system and still turn out to be the snarkiest robot in the entire theme park.

The best part cameas the kicker to the sketch thanks to Tituss Burgess from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, who was just sitting around and enjoying the sights within the lab. He’s 100% robot too, or so he claimed. He might just be there to relax and enjoy a cool drink while all these naked robots are sitting around. They’re certainly not going to be embarrassed.