Stephen Colbert Had To Bust His Way Onto The Podium At The Democratic National Convention

Entertainment Writer
07.26.16 2 Comments

Stephen Colbert brought his “Hungry For Power Games” character to the floor of the Republican National Convention and seemingly had no trouble making his way around the Trump universe while in full costume, even making his way to the podium. The same cannot be said for his visit to the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, where a wall of security and stiff rules kept Colbert from ascending the stage with his weasel in order to stand at the podium.

It was quite the sight, especially given the ease at the Republican event. Colbert showed off his podium pass, sang a harmonious rendition of the national anthem, and even called in the help of former House speaker Nancy Pelosi. None of it worked and the security would not budge. You’d think this was less a Democratic convention and more a rally in Soviet Russia.

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