Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’ Is Now Apparently A Mini-Series Heading To CBS All-Access

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Stephen King’s The Stand is now getting close to Dark Tower levels of delays and creative shifts, making its way from a film series, to a television mini-series capped off by a film, to now just being a miniseries once again on a streaming service. A Fault In Our Stars director Josh Boone is still attached to direct the Stephen King adaptation, despite his interest in bringing another King story to the big screen. The idea that The Stand would begin as a series moving into a film has died, with producer Roy Lee explaining the change as a matter of logistics according to SlashFilm:

“There was definitely talk about doing that but the logistics made it very difficult to try to do a worldwide launch of a movie when the TV component would not necessarily be released at the same time worldwide. So it became a logistic nightmare to try to figure that out, so that plan was abandoned.”

So the latest report comes from The Tracking Board during a discussion about Boone’s next project, The New Mutants. While discussing the director’s busy schedule and re-shoots, the report notes that The Stand is now reportedly slated to be a 10-hour series on CBS All-Access, joining Star Trek: Discovery and The Good Fight as the networks big streaming draws on the platform.

That is until the next update in the story. Boone is definitely busy and Lee also said that any work on The Stand will come after Revival for the director. So while it might end up on CBS All-Access, which would make sense given the network’s past King work with Under The Dome, it might not be for a while.

No matter what they end up doing, let’s at least hope this is included.

(Via SlashFilm / The Tracking Board)