Steve Martin And Martin Short Dusted Off Their ‘Father Of The Bride’ Characters For ‘SNL’

Steve Martin and Martin Short go way back. Only Murders in the Building is only their most recent collaboration. You may recall Three Amigos!, but did you know they were both voices in 1998’s Prince of Egypt? They were also sparring partners in one of the ‘90s more beloved comedies, Father of the Bride (and its less beloved sequel). When the pair teamed up to host this weekend’s SNL, they made sure to dust that one off.

The sketch isn’t just a sequel to the 1991 hit. It was the eightquel. Father of the Bride Part 8 finds Martin aghast that his beloved daughter (played by Heidi Gardner) is getting married for the seventh time. He points out she’s too old to once again bankrupt her parents with another lavish wedding, overseen once again by Martin Short’s unplaceably accented Franck (with Bowen Yang filling in for B.D. Wong’s assistant).

There’s also Chloe Fineman doing a spastic take on Diane Keaton, as well as two surprises: Kieran Culkin, who you might forget played the young son and who swings by to talk about fasting for his colonoscopy; and Selena Gomez as herself, making her second appearance of the night.

You can watch the sketch in the video above.