Finally, Steve From ‘Stranger Things’ Meets His Son Jean-Ralphio

We’ve known for a while now that Steve from Stranger Things and Jean-Ralphio from Parks and Recreation (AKA Joe Keery and Ben Schwartz) have to be related in some way, or could even be the time-traveling versions of each other. But after the two met in real life and posted the evidence on Twitter and Instagram, there is some more concrete evidence for the theory.

Schwartz posted multiple shots of himself and Keery online on Tuesday, the resemblance is truly uncanny. Not only do they have the same hair and look the same in matching flannel shirts, but their facial expressions are basically mirror images.

Not to waste any time while the two were in the same place, Schwartz and Keery even shaved together. Father-son time is very important and these two never got that chance in the fictional alternate universe where they are kin. 80’s shaving methods and razors were pretty different than present-day blades so we’re guessing there were a lot of teachable moments in this visit.

Once Stranger Things Season 2 premieres fans should keep an eye out for Easter eggs that support this theory, and it looks like “two red flannel shirts walking together in the distance” is the best sign for a time traveling father-son pair who are about to become long lost brethren stuck on two separate shows. Or, something like that.

(Via Mashable)