‘Making A Murderer’ Subject Steven Avery’s Engagement Is Over, And It’s All Because Of Dr. Phil

The sudden engagement of Making A Murderer subject Steven Avery is off, even faster than it came together. Last week it was revealed that Avery planned to marry Lynn Hartman, a 53-year-old former legal assistant from Las Vegas. But that’s all fallen apart, and the death of their romance seems to stem from Lynn’s upcoming appearance on the Dr. Phil show.

Here’s a message from Avery’s niece confirming a message from Steven’s last fiancee about the relationship being over:

The Dr. Phil episode with Lynn airs Monday, Oct. 3. Tuesday will feature an interview with Avery, recorded behind bars. Both episodes were filmed before this latest news saying the engagement is off, but trouble seemed to be brewing in at least one Dr. Phil clip, in which Hartman tries to reach Avery in prison but can’t get through to him.

The whole story is only going deeper and deeper into the tabloid gutters, with Avery’s former fiancee Sandra Greenman continuing to talk to the press about his personal life behind bars and the many women now writing to him seeking his attention. Via the Daily Mail:

“[Steven’s lawyer Kathleen] Zellner did a background check, I assume nothing came up,” Greenman said about Hartman. “She was concerned about blackmail, Steven likes to talk. I think she’s a spy, she could tell the police . Zellner said ‘Help me protect him’ when she took the case, as he’s not going to recognize the danger; he’s going to have so many women throw themselves at him. But I said ‘I can’t protect him, he’s going to love this, he’s going to eat this up.’ ”

“He’s very stubborn at the moment. [He said:] “I’m Steven Avery, I can do what I want. They’ll send me money, pictures, they’ll do anything I want them to do.”

Greenman’s stories should also be taken with a grain of salt, though. Her claims that she had talked to Making A Murderer creators Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos about the direction of season two were denied by the filmmakers. It’s a sad day when you can’t implicitly trust the things being said by the women obsessed with a man serving a life sentence for murder. But I guess that’s where we’re at these days. Hopefully that’s a lesson Avery is finally starting to learn as well.