Netflix Doesn’t Trust David Harbour With ‘Stranger Things’ Secrets Anymore

It’s safe to call Stranger Things a phenomenon, with legions of fans obsessing over every single detail of the first two seasons. These fans fall into two camps, those who are ravenous for spoilers and those who avoid them like the plague. Netflix tries to keep a relatively firm grasp on leaks, but unfortunately, they have one flaw in their system: David Harbour, father figure to all in Hawkins.

Harbour stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday, to talk a little bit about Hellboy, his Twitter habits, and Stranger Things 3, which is currently filming. Harbour admitted that while his Sheriff Hopper might be a paragon of trustworthiness, he may have let a few things slide. Apparently, “the trust the kids more than they trust me with storyline details.”

“I’m kind of notorious for just giving away entire seasons and stuff. You know, I think it’s the kind of stuff that I thought were self-evident. Like, I said something last year about Winona having this boyfriend, which wound up being this Bob character, played by Sean Astin, that apparently was not public knowledge. And then I get these very disappointed calls from Ted Sarandos [Netflix’s chief content officer] and just Netflix executives. They’re not angry, they’re just like ‘Oh, David.’ Just like your dad. ‘We’re disappointed.'”

I’m sure the disappointment wears off soon enough. How could you stay mad at this purveyor of Dad Dancing?