‘Stranger Things’ Fans Are Unnerved By The Existence Of A ‘Sexy’ Eleven Halloween Costume

In the 21st century, every Halloween costume tends to come with some sort of “sexy” variant. Whether or not a sexy Babadook or a sexy Marmaduke is your cup of tea is a matter of taste, but when a company sexualizes a child to cash in on a popular property that’s going to court a lot of (deserved) negative attention.

Online retailer is selling an adult costume that attempts to replicate a distinctive season 1 look sported by Eleven on Stranger Things. The ensemble up for sale, dubbed the “Upside Down Honey Costume” for legal grey area reasons, looks a bit like if Paris Hilton were suffering a cocaine overdose during the W. Bush years and just got out of a waffle ping pong tournament.

Here’s the official description associated with the Upside Down Honey offering:

Evade your enemies in this Upside Down Honey costume featuring a powder pink babydoll dress with a ruffled bust, white buttons accents, a navy bomber jacket with long sleeves, white thigh high socks with striped tops, and a waffle purse. (Wig not included.)

As you would expect, Stranger Things fans were not happy to learn that Millie Bobby Brown’s character was given this “sexy” makeover, especially considering that a child is being used as the hook for an adult costume. It’s maximum cringe and Twitter was full of voices calling out the outfit.

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(Via Entertainment Weekly)