Don’t Get Your Hopes Up For A ‘Stranger Things’ Spinoff Starring Millie Bobby Brown

Stranger Things is Netflix‘s biggest English language series. Bigger than Wednesday, bigger than Bridgerton, bigger than Warrior Nun (RIP). Next season will be its final season, and because no successful TV show can’t be stretched into multiple TV shows, there’s already been discussion of spinoffs.

Don’t believe everything you read however.

Giant Freakin Robot reported an “exclusive” this week that “Millie Bobby Brown has signed on for a Stranger Things spin-off series focused on her character Eleven.” The giant freakin report continues, “While little is known of what will happen at the climax of the series, a spin-off of Millie Bobby Brown’s character implies that she will survive whatever psychic battle she inevitably becomes locked in; given that her backstory has been pretty exhaustively explored in the series, a sequel seems to be in order.”

The lies, like Spinal Tap’s amps, go up to 11.

“Not true,” the Stranger Things writers’ room account responded to the report. GFR’s original tweet now comes with a warning: “Readers added context they thought people might want to know… The Stranger Things writers have denied this information.”

You can tell it’s fake because the spin-off doesn’t involve Murray trying to steal the Declaration of Independence.

(Via @strangerwriters)