This Depressing ‘Stranger Things’ Clue Hints At What’s To Come In Season 2

The best thing about Stranger Things is how easy it is to watch all eight episodes in one sitting. The worst thing about Stranger Things is how easy it is to watch all eight episodes in one sitting. It’s going to be awhile before the still-unofficially-announced season two — excuse me, “sequel” — debuts on Netflix (which said yes to the supernatural hit after 15 other networks said no), so we’ll have to make due with mixtapes and VR experiences for now.

Also, theories. The latest one might even tease what to expect in season two. During his Reddit AMA earlier this week, actor David Harbour, who plays Chief Jim Hopper (and looks befuddled a lot in Suicide Squad), was asked, “Do you know what specifically Jim’s daughter died of in the show?” If you’ll recall, Hopper has visions of his young daughter Sarah in the Upside Down, from her first sign of illness (she’s playing in the park with her parents when she suddenly stops, short of breath) to when she actually passes away from cancer. (The show never explicitly says it’s cancer, but it’s fair to assume.)

Harbour’s response: “Yes, but it’s a secret we may explore in s2, so don’t wanna say right now.” If nothing else, his answer means season two will carry on with the same group of characters, which co-creator Matt Duffer discussed in a separate interview. “As much as I would love to have it be Christmas right after that, it’s just not feasible, so we’re going to skip a year,” he said. “They’ll be a year older and all their changes they’re going through, we’ll take that into account and kind of work that into the show.”

Could there be more to Sarah’s death than Hopper wants to admit? Why did she look around so frantically? Is Hawkins Lab involved? What’s the deal with her stuffed animal in the Upside Down? Where is season two???

I need a hug.

(Via Reddit)