Steve And Jean-Ralphio Bond On ‘Corden’ But There’s A New ‘Stranger Things’ Theory On The Block

Netflix’s Stranger Things was the surprise hit of the summer and it’s also been the weird gift that keeps on giving. Barb is an internet hero, the kids from the show are dancing and singing at the Emmys, and the rich tapestry of horror tributes made their own through expert storytelling probably has you wiping a tear from your eye and a little blood from your nostril. It’s good stuff.

By now, you have probably accepted the indisputable fact that Steve from Stranger Things is Jean-Ralphio from Parks n Rec’s father into your heart. Unfortunately, they haven’t. Ben Schwartz and Joe Keery have no idea that they are father and son. So, thanks to The Late Late Show, they make up for lost time.

Steve is Jean-Ralphio’s father — this is now accepted to be true. And If that is true about the shared Stranger Things and Parks n Rec universe, then what else could be true about the shared Stranger Things and Parks n Rec universe?

Eleven is Leslie Knope.

The age works out, the hair will probably work out (check out those dark roots on Leslie) , and the sheer willpower needed to push forward legislation through a small Indiana town is on the same level as the willpower needed to crush a soda can with one’s mind.

And the love of the waffles. Oh, the love of the waffles. It’s all hidden in plain sight.

Hopefully, the detectives led by Corden can twist time and space so Leslie can meet herself right after she escaped from a shadowy government lab.

(Via The Late Late Show With James Corden)