Logan Roy Is Not F*cking Around In The Intense New Teaser Trailer For Season 3 Of HBO’s ‘Succession’

In a surprise drop considering these COVID times have thrown release schedules to the wind, HBO has released the first teaser trailer for season three of Succession. Right off the bat, the season premiere is now slated for Fall 2021, which isn’t a firm date, but we’ll take it. More importantly, the teaser shows that the razor-sharp writing and acting is still as acerbic as ever as Season 3 will dive right into the fallout of Jeremy Strong’s Kendall Roy finally knifing his father Logan (Brian Cox) in the back during a climactic press conference at the end of Season 2.

As evidenced by the teaser, battle lines are being drawn as Kendall and Logan officially go to war. While Kendall has tried to usurp his father before, those attempts failed miserably and tragically. But this time around, Kendall fired what could be a fatal shot, and Logan is not going down easily. He’s ready to tear Kendall apart in every way possible. Whether it’s in the boardroom, over the phone in a battle of barbs that makes Kendall look like a toddler trying to dunk on Jordan, and even physically if Logan can get his hands on his son.

However, noticeably missing from the teaser are new additions to the cast, Adrian Brody and Alexander Skarsgard, who better be ready with cutting bon mots, or they’re going to get steamrolled just like poor Kendall with his “run up the beanstalk” line. Not quite as embarrassing as the “I love my daddy” rap, but close.

(Via HBO)