Sylvester Stallone’s First Lead TV Role Will Be A Mob Boss For ‘Yellowstone’ Creator Taylor Sheridan

Thanks to Yellowstone becoming a ratings juggernaut, Taylor Sheridan is dominating the TV landscape, and now, Sylvester Stallone is getting in on the action. In what will be his first lead television role, the Rocky actor has signed on to play an Italian mob boss in Kansas City, a new series coming to Paramount Plus from Sheridan and veteran TV writer Terrence Winter, whose worked on such prestige hits as Boardwalk Empire and The Sopranos.

Via Variety:

The series, set in present day, follows legendary New York City mobster Sal (Stallone), who is faced with the startling task of reestablishing his Italian mafia family to the modernized, straight-shooting town of Kansas City, Missouri. There, Sal encounters surprising and unsuspecting characters who follow him along his unconventional path to power.

Despite a misunderstood Instagram post that found Stallone pegged as a QAnon cultist, which he quickly denied, The Expendables star is moving right along while following up his fan-favorite role as King Shark in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad. Stallone also recently released Rocky IV: Rocky vs. Drago – The Ultimate Director’s Cut, which was an intense passion project for the Rocky creator. Not only did he painstakingly add 40 minutes of newly-restored footage to the ’80s classic, but he also produced a 90-minute documentary on the making of the “Ultimate Director’s Cut” that was chock full of anecdotes from the set of Rocky IV.

In short, there’s a lot of love for Sly out there, so it only makes sense to pair him with the creator of one of the most popular shows on TV right now.

(Via Variety)