The ‘Tales From The Crypt’ Reboot Will Feature A Crypt Keeper That Might Not Look How You Remembered

You probably have a lot of mixed feelings about M. Night Shyamalan’s TNT reboot of the series, Tales From the Crypt. You probably felt more at ease to know that there will be a Crypt Keeper despite earlier reports. However, the Crypt Keeper that you know and love will probably look different.
According to Screen Crush, the new Crypt Keeper will be “reinvented”. We’re not entirely sure what that means. Is the new Crypt Keeper going to be a woman? Is the new Crypt Keeper going to look exactly like the old Crypt Keeper except with a trendy beard and a newsboy cap to appeal to younger viewers? Is the Crypt Keeper actually not a Crypt Keeper at all but rather a figment of our imagination?

TNT has greenlit the series for 10 episodes that will air in 2017. Tales From the Crypt will be joining two new series, Time of Death and Creatures for a special horror block on the cable network. Shyamalan spoke with Screen Crush about his series and the new TNT horror block:

“I’m really thrilled about the way this horror block is coming together with the addition of Time of Death and Creatures. That such a beloved property like Tales from the Crypt is launching our evening makes it an even more unique and exciting opportunity. Across the board, the level of talent has been very inspiring.”

Shyamalan did not give any details about the so-called reinvented Crypt Keeper, but we’re certain he’s going to put his own twist on our beloved storyteller.

(Via: Screen Crush)