M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Tales From The Crypt’ Reboot Is In Danger Of Dying

Bad news, creeps. M. Night Shyamalan’s upcoming Tales From The Crypt reboot doesn’t appear to be shipshape at the moment.

Bloody Disgusting reports that TNT’s revival of the cherished laughs-n-gasps factory has ceased development with death potentially looming. According to their source, budget issues have derailed the plans for the project. A TNT spokesperson confirmed to Bloody Disgusting that the project is, ahem, not in an ideal place at the moment. The alleged culprit according to the cable network? Rights headaches.

“The underlying rights to this classic, vintage property are complicated. TNT and others have been pursuing a solution for more than a year, with significant progress being made. We look forward to the potential for further active development of this valuable franchise once the clearance process is fully resolved.”

That’s obviously not the sort of thing fans of the series were hoping to hear, although we suppose this property is more or less evergreen and can pop up whenever and still be welcomed with open arms. Celebrities getting into goofy gory stories is always an easy sell and with the promise of all those Cryptkeeper puns? *kisses fingers*

(Alternate Possibility: We’re getting a lady Cryptkeeper and TNT knows MRA goofs would riot over it even though we’re talking about a fudgin’ undead monster host.)

Here’s hoping things pan out for the new Crypt and let’s all enjoy some Cryptmas carols as a sign of good faith.