Yet Another ‘The Walking Dead’ Spinoff Series Is Coming Your Way In 2022

The Walking Dead has roared back to life (following a pandemic pause) with showrunner Angela Kang currently bringing the flagship series home in the 11th season with a 2022 conclusion. However, AMC’s zombie universe continues to expand at a relatively rapid pace. The Walking Dead: World Beyond is currently churning through Season 2, and Fear the Walking Dead returns on October 17 (for Season 7). There’s also a Carol-Daryl spinoff coming, and those Rick Grimes movies are supposedly still happening. And AMC has now revealed, on the heels of The Walking Dead: Origins limited series, that another show will arrive in 2022. That would be Tales Of The Walking Dead, which a press release describes as a “compliment” to the rest. So, stand-alone episodes will revolve around both new and established characters in the universe.

AMC made sure to note that these stories will exist in the same world as The Walking Dead, so presumably, this is all canon. Channing Powell and Scott Gimple will act as co-showrunners, and shooting shall begin in early 2022 with a quick-sounding turnaround. Gimple provided a statement:

“This series, more than any other in the Walking Dead Universe, runs on new voices, perspectives, and ideas — bringing to life stories unlike any we’ve told before,” Gimple said. “I’m thrilled to be Channing’s consigliere, helping in every way I can to make those new visions real for the best fans in TV.

“I started as a fan of ‘The Walking Dead’ and have ended up as a showrunner of what will hopefully be one of its most unique spin-offs.”

Clearly, there’s no end in sight to this universe until the end of time. Alright, that’s an exaggeration, but kudos to AMC and all involved for giving people an addictive, soap-opera universe that happens to co-exist with zombies. The Tales series will likely debut in 2022, and there are absolutely no clues so far about which established characters will be doing the anthology thing. A few suggestions: Daryl and Dog?