‘Ted Lasso’ Had A Record-Breaking Season 2 Debut For Apple TV+, Claims Apple TV+

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about Ted Lasso recently, and with good reason: The feel-good Apple TV Plus comedy, about a almost relentlessly chipper football coach played by the IRL also nice Jason Sudeikis, just bowed its second season. And it got 13 Emmy nominations. And it’s got top shelf reviews. Critics and audiences don’t always see eye-to-eye, but in this case it appears they do.

As per Variety, Apple is claiming that Ted Lasso’s most recent bath of episodes drew the largest audience for any original TV show or film in the streamer’s relatively short history. That’s (allegedly) more than shows like The Morning Show, For All Mankind, Dickinson or The Mosquito Coast, and more than films like Greyhound, On the Rocks or Wolkwalkers.

A couple caveats here, though. For one, much like when Netflix up and claims that such-and-such a movie had huge numbers, this is straight from Apple itself, and there’s no other data to confirm whether it’s on the level or not. They also didn’t supply any numbers — just a vague claim of a record being busted.

What’s more, good numbers on Apple TV+ may not mean much when compared with other, bigger streamers. As Variety points out, the first season of Ted Lasso didn’t rank that high among other original streaming shows. But maybe enough people caught up with it to turn the second season into a juggernaut. But wherever the truth lies, this is still good news for good ol’ Ted!

(Via Variety)