Terry Crews Settled The Lawsuit He Filed Against The Man Who Allegedly Groped Him


Terry Crews has settled a lawsuit he filed against agent Adam Venit, according to NBC. The actor accused Venit of allegedly groping his genitals at a Hollywood party in 2016.

Since the accusation in January of this year, Venit has maintained his innocence, saying his actions were not intended to cause harm. William Morris Endeavor, Venit’s agency, confirmed that the lawsuit will be dismissed.

When he went public with his story, Crews proudly joined the #MeToo chorus, showing support for the many people, in Hollywood and elsewhere, speaking out against sexual harassment and assault. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine star has been one of the most prominent men to join the movement, and his story changed the perception that sexual abuse goes far beyond just women preyed upon by men.

Crews — who’s also been part of the team in the Expendables movies and, perhaps most memorably, played the porn star-turned-machine gun-firing president in Mike Judge’s dystopian classic Idiocracy — has been outspoken about harassment and assault. He’s thrown his support behind Brendan Fraser, who has also experienced sexual assault. He’s made a PSA with Samantha Bee pointing out that sexual assault jokes aren’t funny. He’s also said the incident cost him work, including a stint in the still-unmade fourth Expendables.

Last month it was announced the writers of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, his regular gig, are considering a #MeToo-themed episode.

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