A Celebration Of Kelso’s Best Moments On ‘That ’70s Show’

Though That ‘70s Show has been off the air for nine years (the last episode aired May 18th, 2006, so start planning your 10 year anniversary parties now,) it’s important to sit down and remember the past. Remember when Punk’d was a thing? Classic.

If That ‘70s Show brought us anything, it was a whole lot of snark. There was the dry wit of Eric, the straight up and down drags courtesy of Hyde, and the never-ending gift that was Kelso. Like a giant obelisk that turned apes to man, Kelso was a beacon of knowledge and understanding. Who better understood human existence? No one.

Here’s the top nine quotes from heartthrob and scholar Michael “Kelso” Kelso.

“Well damn Jackie, that could be anybody!”

A prom bluff goes horribly awry, and we get to see two of the best sides of Kelso: unspeakable unreasonable jealousy, and self-loathing. A winning combination! Also, great video title, video poster-person.


While we’ll discuss Kelso’s relationship with Jackie further down the list, Kelso’s short-lived foray into songwriting and, you know, bondage, deserves a mention.

“That’s right, it’s prank day! Gift day. You idiots.”

“Prank Day” is less about Kelso’s quotes and more about his unrepentant glee as he glues everyone to everything. Though it did spawn several golden moments (the infamous “brown sugar” line being among them,) the real gem is Kelso, as he and his pranks take central focus. And if you think about it, you start to realize that Kelso may be a lot more clever than even he realizes.

“Jackie, if I were lying, I’d come up with a lot better lie than that.”

Here’s the thing about Kelso: he’s not really super great at sarcasm. Does he know his lie is terrible and he’s just giving up? Or is he still trying to sell it? We just don’t know. Other thing about Kelso: his mom still sews his name into all his clothing. This is undoubtedly a good idea, except when a situation like this one arises.