‘The Americans’ Has A Very Famous Fan In Barack Obama

One of the best series on television, The Americans, returns for its sixth and final season on March 28. To celebrate this momentous occasion (and to remind everyone that they’re the best celebrity couple), stars Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys dropped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to discuss, among other topics, one of the show’s famous fans: President Barack Obama.

“We had someone working in our publicity department at the network [FX] who used to work at the White House who said [Obama] is a fan and they would get him advance copies of our show because he liked to watch it,” Russell explained. “And then we got invited to go to a state dinner because of it.”

The dinner was for the Prime Minister of Singapore (I hear Lee Hsien Loong is more of a Sons of Anarchy fan, but Charlie Hunnam was busy that evening), and they dined on vegetables from the White House’s garden. Unfortunately, as Colbert joked, the leafy greens have since been “replaced with meat racks.” Russell and Rhys didn’t say much else about dining with the Obamas — they are undercover Russian spies, after all — but the Felicity star did reveal another unexpected Americans viewer: every construction worker in New York City.