‘The Bear’ Stars Jeremy Allen White And Ayo Edebiri Are Still Surprised That Fans Want Their Characters Together

There was a brief but pivotal moment in 2022 when everyone decided that they could, if it came down to it, own and operate an Italian beef sandwich shop in Chicago. When that dream fizzled out, then everyone just became obsessed with The Bear, rightfully so.

But one thing that the cast did not expect was the enthusiastic rallying behind Carmy’s sex life, or lack thereof, which (who knows?) could (in some universe) be explored in season two. Even though Carmy and Sydney, portrayed by Jeremy Allen White and Ayo Edebiri, are all sweaty and covered in oil in close quarters, the two stars don’t think that their on-screen counterparts will get together. In fact, they never thought that at all.

While speaking with Variety, the duo was asked about a potential love arch between the two before quickly crashing the dreams of fans everywhere. “I know there are people who are very invested in that, and I understand and I appreciate it, but it was not that for me,” Edebiri admitted, before adding that she was surprised when she would read comments about the two and their sizzling chemistry. That’s a cooking joke, by the way!

When asked if there was any intention for the two to spark up a relationship, White agreed. “No! It was never discussed by anybody.” Sorry to any Carm/Sydney shippers out there, but showrunner Joanna Calo says that the idea of the two getting together “never came up.” That is until now! It’s not too late to make it happen before season two begins filming!

(Via Variety)