‘The Boys’ Actor Laz Alonso Got His ‘Love Sausage’ Revenge On Showrunner Eric Kripke With A Holiday Gift

In the second season of The Boys, viewers got to meet the live-action version of Love Sausage, a Russian superhero from the comic book series whose power is having a graphically long… well, you can figure out from the name. As part of his debut, Love Sausage wrapped his super appendage around the neck of Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso) and tried to choke the life out of him, which isn’t a superhero battle you see everyday. As revenge for putting him in the phallic scene, Alonso had a very special scarf made for showrunner Eric Kripke, who tweeted a NSFW photo of the holiday “gift.”

“For a long time, @lazofficial has wanted payback for wrapping him in a ten foot penis,” Kripke wrote. “Yesterday, he got it. Thanks for the holiday gift, Laz! #WhoWoreItBetter #LoveSausage”

You can see Kripke’s tweet below:

Not long after the memorable episode aired, Alonso revealed to Entertainment Weekly that Love Sausage scene caught him completely by surprise because he thought the whole thing was a prank being played on him by Karl Urban. According to Alonso, the graphic moment wasn’t in the last copy of the script he received, so he was sure Urban was joking — until it actually happened.

“So, we always tease each other, and always on set playing the dozens and cracking jokes,” Alonso explained. “And one day in the makeup trailer, Karl [Urban] is like, ‘You ready for that penis that’s going around your neck?’ And I’m like, ‘Ain’t no way in the world there is a penis being wrapped around my neck.'”

Obviously, that’s exactly what happened, but Alonso still isn’t convinced the whole thing wasn’t Urban’s handiwork. “When I see that [in the new script], I’m like, ‘Oh my God. Karl is definitely behind this.’ I am almost positive to this day he just pitched that idea to Kripke and Kripke with his sick sense of humor was like, ‘It’s great! Let’s do it!'”

(Via Eric Kripke on Twitter)