‘The Boys’ Have A Special Message For Corrupt Superheroes In Their First Season 2 Poster

In what could be a sign that the return of Amazon‘s brutal superhero bashers is just around the corner, The Boys has dropped a new promotional poster for season two that pretty clearly spells out what Karl Urban and his ragtag crew are all about: Sticking it to The Seven.

The hit Amazon series that pulled in record numbers for the streaming service stars Urban as Billy Butcher, a tough-as-nails Brit who’s obsessed with getting his revenge on the seemingly heroic group called The Seven. While the public adores these superhero saviors, who are pretty clearly a satirical riff on the Justice League, the “heroes” got their powers from perverse drug experiments, and they’re not exactly the most stable or wholesome group. In fact, thanks to an evil corporation cleaning up their messes, The Seven basically do whatever they want without any concern for the consequences, which puts them squarely in the sights of Butcher and The Boys who also have some very personal axes to grind.

Judging by this latest poster for season two, The Boys are ready to tear things up:

As of this writing, there is no definitive release date for season two of The Boys, but showrunner Eric Kripke recently provided an optimistic update on Twitter. Filming for the second season had fortunately wrapped before the pandemic started shutting down productions left and right, and according to Kripke, post-production has still been chugging along remotely, which should be a good sign that the second season will debut some time during Summer 2020.

The Boys season one is currently available for streaming on Amazon.

(Via The Boys on Twitter)