Homelander Has Seen All Those One-Star Reviews For ‘The Boys,’ And He Isn’t Happy

The Boys fans have punished the show’s Amazon rating over the last few weeks because of its weekly release schedule, and now we know that Homelander is very much aware of the situation. We already knew that showrunner Eric Kripke saw the review bombing, as he addressed it last week and wasn’t thrilled about fans giving a bad review to something, which they apparently like so much that they demand more of it instantly.

Kripke went a bit further on Thursday, though, posting a repurposed clip from Season 2 that superimposed real one-star reviews of The Boys that all criticize Amazon and the show for its format. Those have come since its initial three-episode Season 2 drop, with single weekly episodes now coming out every Friday. As they play on the screen, Homelander scrolls through them growing increasingly angry. And no one likes it when he gets angry.

The Boys isn’t the only show in the streaming era that has embraced the more broadcast television-like format of a weekly episode release. The Mandalorian did it last fall and will likely do it again, and no one is threatening Baby Yoda or review bombing Disney+. But perhaps the more brutal show has fans willing to go to greater risks to get what they want: more of the show with less of the wait.

Whether the clip posted was more of an acknowledgment of frustration rather than a tease of something actually happening is unclear, but perhaps we’ll know more when the fifth episode (or more?) of the show drops on Friday.