‘The Boys’ Are Gearing Up To Fight An Army Of Supes In Amazon’s Gruesome, NSFW Season 2 Trailer

Amazon Prime’s superhero-skewering series, The Boys, is almost back after a teaser trailer hinted at the season’s new dynamics and a first-look clip suggested that the gore-factor of this show was still high. Executive producer Seth Rogen previously promised that the show would be even more outrageous for a sophomore season, and this new trailer reveals that showrunner Eric Kripke looks to have kept that standard intact.

First and foremost, it sure looks like Homelander isn’t having an easy time this season, which was to be expected after he left himself rootless by lasering his lover-mother figure, Madelyn Stillwell, to death. A replacement Supe for Translucent, Stormfront (Aya Cash), is challenging The Seven’s status quo, and Homelander isn’t thrilled with anyone other than himself taking charge. We also see him toss a child off a roof, so let’s just say that he’s not coping well with anything, and Butcher’s justifiable rage (and very personal axe to grind) won’t help matters.

In the meantime, The Boys are now fugitives of the federal government after Butcher was framed for Stillwell’s death, so there will be all sorts of chase-related mayhem on display. The water-bound scene looks (and sounds) insane (and disgusting), but hey, it looks like Chace Crawford’s The Deep is back in the game. Maybe? Hopefully, he’s learned a few things. And there’s a supervillain threat afoot as well, so expect this season to be a jam-packed one.

Amazon’s The Boys returns (weekly!) on September 4. The show’s already been renewed for a third season, and as of the second-season premiere, Aisha Tyler will host aftershow episodes. Here’s some new Homelander-and-Butcher-focused key posters.

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