‘The Boys’ Season Two Teaser Trailer Pits Billy Butcher Against All The Supes

The first trailer for The Boys season two is here and it brings some good news for Billy Butcher fans: Daddy’s home.

After teasing a new lineup of supes that includes Stormfront (Aya Cash), who might turn out to be a bigger villain than Homelander, and dropping hints about a Karl Urban-starring short film, season two is officially getting fans riled up with a full-length look at the chaos and mayhem caused by our favorite group of misfit vigilantes.

The Boys are on the run and sure, they’ve been through some stuff before but their current “most wanted” status is a full-blown mess. While Homelander (Anthony Starr) tries to rally the supe troops who are in need of a serious image overhaul, Urban’s Butcher returns with a plan to take them down for good. Since his plans usually backfire, don’t get your hopes up.

The show’s first season ended with the mother of all cliffhangers and a world-shattering reveal — that Homelander has been divvying up the super-powering Compound V to terrorists across the globe so that The Seven would always stay in power. That revelation made Butcher’s goal of destroying these fame-hungry caped cretins even more challenging, seeing as now everyone, including the government, needs The Seven to clean up their own mess. Season two brings Butcher back and the gang together again, but now that their faces are plastered all over the news, there’s a new head honcho at Vought (hey Giancarlo Esposito!) and The Seven are welcoming neo-nazis into their ranks, we doubt eliminating these glorified lab rats will be easy.

Season two of The Boys premieres Sept. 4 on Amazon Prime Video.