Don’t Ask When ‘The Boys’ Is Coming Back On Twitter If You Ever Want To See Season 3

The Boys is currently filming its third season in Canada right now despite, well, everything. And given the excitement fans have had through two seasons of the Amazon Prime series, the matter of when they actually get to watch the show is a hot topic on social media. But if fans are smart, well, they should maybe stop asking the show’s Twitter account when that release date is coming.

The show’s official Twitter account, apparently tired of getting questions about a release date that has yet to be announced, issued a warning on social media on Friday night: stop asking or else it never comes out.

“Every time you ask when season 3 is coming out the release date moves back one day,” the tweet said. “See you in 2033!”

This is almost certainly not something that has any bearing on the actual release date of the show, but it certainly fits the cheeky presence it has had on social media throughout its run. And even star Jack Quaid couldn’t help but troll a bit in a reply to the tweet.

Meanwhile, Quaid and Erin Moriarty got their vaccinations while up north in between filming scenes.

That’s good news all around for keeping things on track for a third season, and the Twitter account doesn’t have anything to do with when Amazon decides to let the world see Season 3.