The CW Has Given The ‘Arrow’ Spin-Off Series A New Tentative Title You Were Probably Expecting

A lot has been unknown regarding the details of the CW’s Arrow/The Flash spin-off series. Aside from the additions of Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Hawkgirl, and Rip Hunter, nothing was official regarding the story or main character. But now,  according to Spoiler TV, the new DC Comics series has unveiled its hero: The Atom.

While the title is possibly just a temporary placeholder for something more (although it might not be considering the other shows), it does shed some light on the series’ focus and what we can expect. Ray Palmer has been a major recurring character in Arrow‘s third season and his recent appearance in the new trailer for The Flash further adds some muscle to the spinoff series.

Regardless, here’s hoping he’d have shrunk down by the time his own series hits. This whole wannabe Iron Man thing is getting a bit tired.

(Source: Spoiler TV / CinemaBlend)