Eric Andre Rips Off His Own Head In The Deranged ‘The Eric Andre Show’ Season 5 Trailer

The Eric Andre Show is like if the Gremlins programmed a television show. It’s stupid and loud and chaotic, and I love every second of it. I also love that after a four-year break (not including specials), The Eric Andre Show is back next month. Adult Swim just released a trailer for the new season showing Andre destroying the set, as per usual, but also choking a clown with balloons, ripping his own head off and kicking it into a soccer goal, and getting shot, followed by his corpse crumbling into dust and bone.

Like I said, chaos.

“I waxed my entire body, got over 200 pounds, and slept in a tanning bed,” Andre told Entertainment Weekly about the new season. “I also got a new, super ‘expensive’ set that looks like Liberace f*cked a Japanese game show. This is the season of ultimate decadence.” As for celebrity drop-ins, Judy Greer, Blake Griffin, Luis Guzman, Omarion, Adam Rippon, Dermot Mulroney, Tia Carrere, Robin Givens, and Jai Rodriguez will look on in confusion as Andre and co-host Hannibal Buress talk about ladders, or whatever. The previously-announced musical guests include Lil Yachty, Joey Bada$$, Anderson .Paak, Toro y Moi, Big Freedia, Machine Gun Kelly, Odd Future’s Taco, and Grimes. (The thought of Elon Musk watching this is too much for me to handle.)

The Eric Andre Show premieres Sunday, October 25, at 12 a.m. EST on Adult Swim.