‘The Good Place’ Finally Told Jason That The Jaguars Cut His Beloved Blake Bortles

The Good Place is in its final season, which is a true shame because it’s the only comedy on television that agrees with my belief that the best way to eat chili is with Peeps and peanut M&Ms. But through two episodes, we’ve certainly gotten a lot of what’s made the show so memorable over the last few years. It’s heartfelt, wildly funny, and also sometimes has demons disguised as old women punching people in the face.

One extremely minor subplot to the show’s final season is what they would do with Jason and his beloved Jacksonville Jaguars, namely his favorite player, quarterback Blake Bortles. Jason’s love for Bortles started as a joke on the show because he’s from Jacksonville and extremely misguided, basically at all times, which is why he would love a mediocre quarterback and think he’s the best in the league. There’s an entire series of jokes about this idea in the show’s early seasons, and they are all very good.

But a funny thing happened with the Jaguars during the show’s run: they actually had a good season and made the playoffs. The writers actually included that in the show, using it as an example of how actions the gang took actually made things worse in real life.

It was a clever bit of writing, but one that meant if anything else happened to the Jaguars, it probably would get mentioned on the show. And in the second episode of the show’s final season, Jason learns what we already knew: Bortles doesn’t play for the Jaguars anymore. Despite the fact that many non-sports fans of The Good Place didn’t even know he was a real quarterback, Bortles was cut by the Jaguars in the offseason. His expected replacement, former Eagles signal caller and Super Bowl winner Nick Foles, got hurt on opening weekend and now have Gardner Minshew under center, who Jason would absolutely love if he knew he existed.

In any event, when we last saw Jason, he and his romantic partner, Janet, decided the latter needed some space, mostly because she’s running the entire neighborhood and it’s taking a lot of her processing power. He then got jealous and plungered Derek, who was helping Janet but also wants to cut Jason out of the picture.

If you’re not watching the show, all of that is incredibly vague and confusing and you also won’t understand what happens next: Janet says they need to take a break, full stop, until the experiment is over. She then gives him even worse news, telling him the Jaguars cut Bortles.

The look on his face is nothing short of heartbreaking, and he’s devastated the rest of the episode. Look at the poor guy.


A lot of viewers felt for him in the days since the episode first aired.

What’s funny is that a lot of people predicted this was the “bad news” that the episode description mentioned, though a breakup is also pretty significant news, too.

At least one fan thinks there’s something nefarious up, though.

Bortles is, of course, a backup for the Los Angeles Rams. But it’s extremely unlikely he’s switching teams anytime soon. He’ll just have to deal with the heartbreak like all of us do, with time and maybe a Jacksonville carnival. Whatever that is.