‘The Mandalorian’ Had Its Own ‘Game Of Thrones’ Coffee Cup Moment Thanks To Some Jeans-Wearing Dude

In a move that has fans remembering the classic coffee cup goof in the final season of Game of Thrones, the latest episode of The Mandalorian contains a major blooper for the popular Disney+ series. When Mando re-teams with Carl Weathers‘ Greef Karga and Gina Carano‘s Kara Dune to storm an Imperial base in “Chapter 12: The Siege,” there’s more than just secrets about the Empire’s plans for Baby Yoda lurking in the shadows. Namely, a random dude in jeans and a T-shirt who’s probably not supposed to be in this shot.

You can catch him on the left below:


As Entertainment Weekly notes, there’s a good reason why the director of this week’s episode didn’t catch the random Earthling who also slipped by Disney’s marketing department:

Perhaps the director didn’t see him because his back was literally turned at this exact moment (the episode was directed by Carl Weathers, who plays Greef Karga in this scene). Interestingly enough, the guy also made it into one of the official promotional photos for the episode.

This isn’t the first time that eagle-eyed fans have spotted a goof in the bounty-hunting series. Granted, it’s not as embarrassing as a full-on person standing in the background, but “Chapter 4: Sanctuary” had its own gaffe. While is Mando hiding out with villagers on what he thinks is a safe planet, during what’s supposed to be a tender scene where Mando is convinced to let Baby Yoda play with the local children, a boom mic literally dips down into the shot. Once you see it, you can’t miss it.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)