‘The Mandalorian’ Fans Are Not Happy With The Show’s Third Season, With Some Calling It The Worst In The Series

With only one episode left in The Mandalorian Season 3, fans are not exactly thrilled with what used to be the highlight of the Star Wars universe. The series, which is supposed to focus on the adventures of Mando (Pedro Pascal) and Baby Yoda (Grogu), took a notable detour this season as the plot centered on Bo-Katan (Katee Sackhoff) and her quest to restore the planet of Mandalore. Sure, Mando and his adorable green son are along for the ride, but Season 3 just isn’t hitting with fans in the same way.

The situation took a notable turn following Chapter 22 “Guns For Hire,” which featured cameos from Lizzo and Jack Black. That episode became one of the worst-reviewed episodes of the series, and it reportedly kicked off a backlash as fans grew fed up with The Mandalorian failing to deliver a cohesive story for Season 3. Via NME:

“The writing in this episode is mediocre at best, with a predictable and slow-paced plot that lacks the excitement that we’ve come to expect from the series,” wrote one fan on IMDb. “The quality of the show has taken a decline, noticeably different from previous seasons.”

“We are almost at the end of the season and I still feel like we are wasting time! … This episode was one of the slowest and most pointless this season,” another added.

The backlash is also growing on social media. You can see some of the reactions below:

However, it should be noted that Season 3’s penultimate episode, “The Spies,” received an overwhelmingly positive response as fans were blown away by Moff Gideon finally appearing and unleashing a surprising connection to one of the most badass moments in The Last Jedi. Could the finale be enough to save Season 3’s tarnished reputation? We have one more week to find out.

New episodes of The Mandalorian stream Wednesday on Disney+.

(Via NME)