A YouTuber Perfectly Summed Up ‘The Mandalorian’ Using Little More Than A Trash Can And A Cute Little Dog

The Mandalorian is a sheer technological feat thanks to its groundbreaking StageCraft production studio that allows Jon Favreau and the team at Lucasfilm to create realistic alien locales on the fly. Not to mention, the show is being closely supervised by Dave Filoni, arguably one of the greatest creative voices in Star Wars history since George Lucas. So it’s probably going to feel really awesome when they see Australian YouTuber “close personal acquaintance” completely nail the show’s look and entire narrative style in a 30 second video made with random props.

In the hilariously low budget video titled, Mando is nothing but a dude with a helmet and black tape on his head, while Baby Yoda is an adorable green dog. It’s perfect. Aping season two’s penchant for constantly having Mando run errands while carting Baby Yoda from planet to planet, our heroes find themselves in need of milk, which requires them to engage in some quid-pro-quo by dealing with a WiFi-stealing creature. After solving the problem with some stone-cold Mando efficiency, it looks like their journey has to make another stop thanks to some classic Baby Yoda hijinks.

If you’re a fan of The Mandalorian, you can’t help but laugh at the brutal accuracy because, seriously, where is the lie? They land on a planet for reason X, Mando has to murder person Y, and Baby Yoda stuff his frog-hole with random object Z, which may or may not result in genocide. It’s a predictable formula, but that ain’t always a bad thing.

(Via close personal acquaintance)