‘The OA’ Will Not Be Getting A Wrap-Up Movie On Netflix, Despite A Fan Going On A Hunger Strike


Netflix canceled The OA last month, and people are not happy. How not happy?

A fan of the canceled sci-fi mystery series The OA has taken her objection to the extreme, vowing a hunger strike to bring back the Netflix show… Emperial Young, 35, is one of several who have posted-up outside of the streaming giant’s campus in Hollywood, CA. She claims she hasn’t eaten since [August 19], and is saying she plans to continue until her favorite show is reinstated by the streaming giant. (Via)

Young admits that it’s “absurd” to react to the cancelation of a television show by going on a hunger strike, but “my protest for The OA is really a culmination of multiple factors,” she told the Los Angeles Times, including TV being “one of the few things that I and others have as a coping mechanism.”

Well, I have good and bad news for Young. First, the bad: there will be no wrap-up movie for The OA. Variety reports that “Netflix and the show’s creators, Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, talked about the idea of tying up the show’s loose ends in a movie format. But the plan for The OA was to run over five seasons, and a two-hour conclusion wouldn’t have been sufficient.” The series can’t be rescued for another service or network like One Day at a Time, either, because Netflix produces the show. If The OA is dead on Netflix, it’s dead everywhere.

The good news? A show this unique existed in the first place.

(Via Variety)