The ‘Diversity Day’ Episode Of ‘The Office’ Led To Outtakes That Can’t Even Be Discussed Now

Larry Wilmore is getting a late-night show on Peacock (along with Uproxx favorite Amber Ruffin), which is excellent news for fans of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The PJs, The Bernie Mac Show, and Insecure, all of which he wrote for and/or created. Wilmore also appeared in two episodes of The Office (he was an executive producer, as well) as Diversity Today representative Mr. Brown, including season one’s “Diversity Day.”

It’s one of the more uncomfortable episodes of the show — although not as cringe-inducing as “Scott’s Tots” — as Michael Scott takes over a diversity training seminar by making everyone wear index cards on their foreheads with different races on them. The slap he receives from Kelly after doing an offensive Indian accent is well deserved.

“Diversity Day” is, as Wilmore told Collider, not an episode that “could be produced today and probably rightly so. In fact, I have outtakes from that scene with Steve Carell that I can’t even say what they are… But you never know. Things swing back and forth all the time, you know. And the culture is very malleable in that way.” He continued:

“The things that we find — it’s not so much the things that we can make fun of, but the things we find we can laugh at and it’s okay to laugh at… I have more things on my list than most people and I acknowledge that, you know. And it’s why I probably get in trouble sometimes. But I honestly think that the more we can laugh about tough things, I just think the better off we are.”

The complete “Diversity Day” is one cut, among many, that does not need to be released.

(Via Collider)