‘The Other Two’ Rides The Wave And Flips The Script To End Its First Season

03.28.19 3 months ago

Jon Pack

The Other Two has been one of the most pleasant television surprises of 2019 so far, and its first season finale, “Chase Performs At The VMAs,” caps that all off. It’s a happy ending for the Dubek extended family. And then ChaseDreams opens his mouth to sing live for the first time, and everything they’ve all worked for seemingly goes right down the toilet.

Heavy is the foot that wears the dry erase shoes. We go from Chase’s newfound fame due to “Marry U At Recess” to the VMAs for this season finale, the natural progression of this insane journey. An insane journey that also makes Chase famous enough to become an actor, one who doesn’t have to audition to star in a Netflix movie (with Cary, due to wave riding). Bless Chase’s heart though, because he’s not a bright kid. Streeter even says, “I love Chase, but he needs a lot of smoke and a lot of mirrors.” He’s also 14 years old, which means that we’ll be getting a 14-year-old in college storyline for season two, as he actually got into NYU, unlike Cary.

The Other Two co-creators Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider have mentioned how one thing they hope will help with series longevity and keeping it all fresh is that from season to season, the very definition of “the other two” can change. The series’ first season finale — as it has been officially renewed for a second season, so have no fear — sets that very concept into motion, as ChaseDreams’ stock has plummeted (and he’s got college on the brain), Pat and Streeter have a thing going on, and Pat actually reaches a new level of success, essentially replacing Chase in the spotlight. In fact, Pat’s ascent to daytime television show stardom is something that’s clearly brewing under the surface during the entire season, making for a hilarious twist that doesn’t necessarily come out of left field. At the beginning of this episode, Pat’s even telling Brooke, “People keep telling me I’m an inspiration.” Brooke agrees with her and then gets worried when Pat calls herself “a mother of a movement.” Again, the signs have all been there the whole time during Pat’s “Year of Yes.”

“Why does he need all this bullshit all of a sudden? If he wears something crazy, it’s all anyone will talk about.”

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