The Rock Recreated His Iconic And Slightly Embarrassing Fanny Pack Photo For ‘SNL’

The image of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson sporting a turtle neck and fanny pack from back in the 1990s has taken on a legendary status since surfacing online back in the summer of 2014. Folks have based Halloween costumes on the look, others have used Photoshop to improve the original image, and even The Rock has been spotted in public still wearing the fanny pack. It’s not an easy look to pull off, even for The Rock, and it just goes to show what kind of confidence the guy has.

Now thanks to SNL, Johnson has recreated the photo in celebration of his entrance into the five-timers club. It has a little more gloss than the previous photo and the setting is a bit different, but the spirit is intact.

The photo even seems to keep one of the smaller aspects of the original photo intact. As Johnson told People back when he was named Sexiest Man Alive at the end of 2016, he needed something a little extra to lean on and keep his fine shirt clean:

“I’ve got a tissue underneath my elbow because I felt like my turtleneck was expensive,” he says, laughing. “The funniest thing about this picture is, this is not a joke. I walked out of the house like this. Like: Hey baby, this is it, right?’

And the guy in the mirror (and likely plenty of women on his way to work) said, “Yeah, you look good!”

So that’s either a very sharp handrail on that staircase or The Rock called in another assist to keep the look from the original photo. No matter, the return of the photo was a pleasant surprise to close out a successful SNL finale. All we need now is for Seth Rogen to update his take on the photo, then put it on a t-shirt and have them each take photos wearing each other’s shirts. Drive it into the ground.

(Via EW)