This ‘The Simpsons’ Search Engine Will Find Exactly The Picture You Needed

Thanks to its 586 episodes aired so far, The Simpsons has become useful in providing the right quote for any situation and predicting the future. No really, The Simpsons predicts the future a lot. A lot. As far as the former use goes, it’s sometimes difficult to find the right picture to match a quote, especially when you find yourself stricken with Grandpa Simpson memory:

THERE HAS TO BE AN EASIER WAY. Well, there is. Now it’s easy to find the right picture reference for any memorable quote from The Simpsons, thanks to a new search engine, Frinkiac.

Sean Schulte, Paul Kehrer, and Allie Young created the search engine, which allows you to input any quote from the first 15 seasons and get an appropriate screencap from one of the more than three million frames of animation at Frinkiac’s disposal. You can even pick which surrounding frame you want and add a caption to it. This is perfectly cromulent for all of your text messaging and meme-ing needs. You don’t win friends with salad, but perhaps you can win them with shared references about not winning friends with salad.

Moon Pies, and now this? We truly have so much.

(Via io9 and Frinkiac)

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