A Former ‘Simpsons’ Writer Wants You To Stop Comparing Rudy Giuliani To Lionel Hutz

Rudy Giuliani’s lawyering has been the talk of the political world in recent weeks, as he does his best to keep Donald Trump’s fledgling attempt to win an election he lost going through the American legal system.

While his press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Philadelphia may be the most notable of his gaffes while in charge of Trump’s legal challenges to the election, there have been plenty of laughable legal moments over the last few weeks. Each one makes Giuliani’s slapdash legal work viral once more, and some have equated the work to a fictional lawyer from The Simpsons. But one former writer on the show says that’s not fair. Not to Giuliani, but the fictional lawyer, Lionel Hutz.

Hutz was a character on the early seasons of the show that often appeared to represent clients and, well, just not be a very good lawyer. But while The Simpsons has a long history of poking fun at Trump, writer Bill Oakley would prefer you not compare Giuliani to Hutz.

“I am dubious of any comparison between Rudy Giuliani and Lionel Hutz,” Oakley tweeted. “Because although they are both inept and unscrupulous, Mr. Hutz is essentially a good-hearted soul who doesn’t actively work to harm people or the nation

Hutz was retired from the show after the death of Phil Hartman, who voiced him. So don’t expect to see any direct comparisons on the new episodes of The Simpsons, either. And Oakley does make a good point here: while both are clearly not very good lawyers, only one of them can further damage the fabric of democracy in America. And the other one is a cartoon character.

[via The Wrap]