‘The Umbrella Academy’ Blows Through A Nuclear Apocalypse In The Action-Packed Season 2 Opening Scene

Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy returns this Friday with all sorts of switch-ups, due to Five screwing up a blinking maneuver and transporting the group back to 1960s Dallas. Everything’s bigger in Texas, and anything can happen on this show, so of course Five finds himself in the midst of a war zone when he lands. To no one’s surprise (including Five’s), the Hargreeves siblings have screwed up the timeline, and as a result (to the sound of Frank Sinatra), viewers can watch the U.S. and Soviet conflict come to a nuclear head. The action-packed results represent a lot of what comic-book fans are missing in theaters this summer.

Pure chaos unfolds when Allison rumors soliders’ heads into exploding, Klaus gathers an army of undead soldiers to assist, and Vanya’s powers remain unrivaled, but the fact that she took at chunk out of the moon (although not really her fault) is why this whole debacle is happening. That’s not to say that the whole season is apocalyptic. There’s plenty of time for levity, including all of the scenes involving Klaus’ doomsday cult (we spoke with Robert Sheehan about that lovefest and more), and Baby Pogo will also get some of the spotlight.

This opening scene, however, lays some excellent groundwork for what unfolds throughout the season, as Gabriel Bá and My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way’s graphic novels continue to come to life. The Umbrella Academy‘s second season streams on July 31.