Where (And When) ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Siblings Are, Heading Into Season 2

The Umbrella Academy took fans on a wild ride in its first season, but the best advice we can give heading into season two is this: strap in, weirdos. That’s because our beloved band of misfit heroes are doing more time-traveling, more misguided heroic shenanigans, and in Klaus’ case, more drugs. They’re just doing it in a different century.

Here’s where (and when) all of the Hargreeves siblings are in the doomsday timeline.


Number Five

Number Five (Aidan Gallagher) managed to teleport his family to safety at the end of season one, but he didn’t really stick the time-traveling landing. When season two picks up, Five is the last sibling to arrive at his intended destination — Dallas, Texas in 1963. He gets there 10 days before the end of the world. That’s right, the apocalypse has been rescheduled, and we can only assume the Hargreeves siblings are to blame. Five’s still got the Commission tailing him, though they’ve sent a Swedish trio of henchman in place of Hazel and Cha Cha, but his main dilemma is how the hell he’s supposed to find his family members who’ve been scattered across the space-time continuum.


Vanya Hargreeves

Out of all of the Hargreeves siblings, Vanya (Ellen Page) probably suffered the most. She spent her whole life believing she was normal and, therefore, of no value to her father figure, Reginald Hargreeves, the eccentric billionaire who adopted these superpowered pricks. As we learned over the course of the show’s first season, Vanya does indeed have powers, and they’re so terrifying that Daddy Hargreeves spent years lying to her and drugging her with suppressants because she couldn’t seem to control them. When she found out, she went off the deep end, causing the world-ending event that forced everyone to travel back to the ’60s. Vanya seems to be doing well in this particular decade. She’s hanging out with a housewife and her young son, and it looks like she’s got a grip on her powers. That or the whole definitely-destroying-the-planet thing means she’s cool with never flexing her supernatural muscles again.


Diego Hargreeves

Diego (David Castaneda) spent most of the show’s first season resenting his higher-ranked brother Luther and hunting down the people who murdered his ex, Detective Patch. Of course, because the killers (Hazel and Cha Cha) worked for the Commission, they managed to frame Diego for the deed instead, which meant he was always on the run. It looks like things haven’t changed too much when he gets dropped in ’60s-era Texas. From what we can glean from the trailer, Diego’s managed to get himself locked up in a psych ward and he’s nursing an unhealthy obsession with JFK’s assassination plot. The good news? He seems to have made a friend in Lila (Ritu Arya) who’s described as a “chameleon with a twisted sense of humor who can be as brilliant or insane as the mission requires.”


Luther Hargreeves

Poor Spaceboy. Luther (Tom Hopper) found out the reality-shattering truth of his father’s betrayal in season one — his whole mission-on-the-moon bit was something Reginald Hargreeves concocted to keep him busy. His daddy issues manifest in increasingly annoying ways throughout season one, but they take a dangerous turn when he believes the only way to protect his family, as it’s de-facto leader, is to lock up his sister, Vanya until they can figure out how to control her abilities. That ends pretty much how you’d expect: part of the moon chips off, collides with Earth, and obliterates the human race. When he’s dropped back in time, he finds a different fight and a place where he feels like he can fit in. Until Five comes knocking with ramblings about another D-Day event.


Allison Hargreeves

Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) spent season one fighting for custody of her kid amidst a nasty divorce and reluctantly being sucked back into her family’s strange, dysfunctional dynamics. She was the only Hargreeves sibling to actively try to help Vanya navigate her newfound powers, and she was rewarded for that sisterly love with severed vocal cords, seriously limiting her ability to use her persuasive superpowers. It seems like some time away from her family has done her good because her voice is back, she’s got a new man, and she’s freely using her gift to rumor Diego into punching himself in the face.


Klaus (and Ben) Hargreeves

Being labeled the black sheep of this oddball bunch means that Klaus (Robert Sheehan) was always left on the sidelines. To be fair, he liked it that way. It meant he had more time to indulge in his favorite hobby: drugs. He spent most of season one high as a kite, avoiding exploring his own abilities which include communing with the dead. Of course, his ghostly brother Ben (Justin H. Min) was the exception, and when we jump back in time, the two have found a way to stir up even more trouble. Think cults. Apparently, Klaus traveled to India, became a bona fide guru, and now has a legion of followers who will be very pissed that the world’s expiration date has been moved up.

‘Umbrella Academy’ drops Season 2 on July 31.