Some Of Jay Leno's 'Winnovations' Segments Are Actually Funny. Here Are The Best Of Them All.

07.30.13 5 years ago 5 Comments

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The Tonight Show with Jay Leno can be a chore to watch. Sure, Jay is pretty good when it comes to the interviews, but the first 30 minutes of the show are typically some of the least entertaining attempts at comedy not found on CBS. The show only really has two funny recurring segments: “Headlines” and “Winnovations.” It’s no coincidence that these require the least amount of work from Leno, and he has absolutely nothing to do with Winnovations.

The brilliance of that segment is owed to Trevor Moore, who goes out on the streets of LA and convinces people that he’s come up with a new invention. The “invention” is usually totally worthless but people buy into it. The results are usually funny and consistently the best thing Jay has on a given night.

With all of that said, let’s look at some of the most memorable “Winnovations” segments.

“The Weight Grater” — This is probably the best one. It’s a contraption where you sit on a sliding seat that cuts meat so it looks like you’re crapping out turkey slices. This guy really thinks he’s getting a six pack.

The Flava App — Moore convinced people that if they stick this contraption to an iPad and put it in your food you’d be able to add flavor to it. The following pony pull is pretty funny, but I’m all about the Flava app.

The Buddy Pull — Skip to the four minute mark here as the beginning is the Flava App for some reason. But the Buddy Pull is just awkward comedy gold. Just…look at these two clowns.

The Pec Pump — “Melt Your Moobs Away.” This clip is rare in that it focuses on one doof. And this one doof thinks a pump can get rid of his man boobies. If only…

The Nostrilizer — This clip is from last week and it features some gems. The Nostrilizer takes the cake. Just look at her! Lord save the children.

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