‘The Walking Dead’ Addresses The Letter ‘A’ And The Helicopter

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10.21.18 4 Comments


Fans of The Walking Dead have been wondering what the letter “A” means on the show dating back several years now, while the periodic resurfacing of a helicopter has triggered curiosity among viewers since the beginning, but more earnestly since season 8. Jadis addresses both of those matters in a lengthy conversation with Father Gabriel in this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Warning Signs,” and it may hint toward the return of an old group of foes from season five of The Walking Dead.

Anne, formerly Jadis, has been connected to the helicopter since last season, when it was spotted by Rick flying toward the junkyard in one episode, and spotted again apparently trying unsuccessfully to pick up Jadis. In this week’s episode, Jadis returns to the Junkyard, opens an old safe, and pulls out a walkie-talkie. “I know you are in range,” she says into the walkie-talkie. “What do you have? An ‘A’ or a ‘B?'” the voice on the other end asks.

“It is you? Did you take them?” Jadis asks. “No pickups,” the voice says. “But the deal still stands. Will you have an ‘A’ or a ‘B’?”

“Neither,” she responds. “It’s just me. I’ve paid my share. When the voice seems to dispute this, Jadis asks, “What will it take?” to which the voice responds, “An ‘A.'”

That’s when Father Gabriel — who had been tailing her all night — pops out. Father Gabriel accuses Jadis of killing Justin and the missing Saviors (which we know to be untrue), and while Jadis denies it, she says that she has done “bad things.”

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