9 Questions We Have After Rick’s Camp Crosses A Moral Boundary On ‘The Walking Dead’

03.14.16 3 years ago 49 Comments

With Negan set to arrive soon on The Walking Dead, this may not be the best time for members of Rick’s crew to start losing their nerve. After facing off against her spiritual doppelganger in the Saviors, Carol is an absolute mess. Meanwhile, Maggie managed to hold it together long enough to kill her abductors (and burn another couple of Saviors alive), but even she’s done with the killing. The people of Rick’s camp may be good at killing to defend themselves, but that doesn’t mean they are emotionally prepared to murder, even if the people they murder pose a threat to them.

After this week’s episode, Rick’s group may have the numbers when it comes to facing off against Negan, but they have never been more emotionally vulnerable.

Here are nine questions we have going into next week’s episode.

1. Is Carol Switching Allegiances?

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We spoke at length in the previous post about the sudden transformation of Carol’s character, and there is some question as to how much of Carol’s breakdown in this episode was genuine and how much of it was an act to give Polly a false sense of security. On the whole, however, it appears as though Carol’s behavior came from a real place. Morgan got into her head. The guilt stemming from her swelling body count continues to grow. She sees herself in Polly, and she doesn’t like what she sees.

Ten episodes ago, Rick had no bigger ally than Carol. After spending some time with Morgan, and really hearing what he has to say about the value of life, Carol’s beginning to question herself and her motivations. Is this really about survival, and even if it is, is survival worth the cost?

2. Is Maggie the new Carol?

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