‘The Walking Dead’ Season Ten Trailer Is Breathtakingly Good


When we last left The Walking Dead in March, Rick Grimes had been taken away in a helicopter, Maggie was hanging with Georgie, Alpha had put several heads on pikes — including Henry, Tara, Enid — and the Kingdom had fallen. Carol and Ezekiel’s fairy-tale relationship was over, Ezekiel had move to The Hilltop and Carol had relocated back to Alexandria. Everyone seemed to be licking their wounds, while Alpha, Beta, and The Whisperers spent the winter months away, preparing to return and maintain their hold on their territory. Meanwhile, the final seconds of the tenth season featured an unknown voice heard on a radio, one that could be Jadis, Maggie, Georgie, or possibly a member of The Commonwealth.

Meanwhile, six or seven years behind The Walking Dead timeline, we have also learned more on Fear the Walking Dead about CRM, the helicopter people who stole Rick away from Alexandria. It appears as though Rick has been taken to what will eventually become The Commonwealth. The expectation in season ten is that The Walking Dead will not only continue to contend with The Whisperers, but also set up the next storyline, The Commonwealth, and set the stage for the Rick Grimes movies. Meanwhile, it will also be the last season for Danai Gurira’s Michonne, while a new character from the comics, Dante, will be introduced. Dante plays Maggie’s boyfriend in the comics, and this season could also see the return of Lauren Cohan’s Maggie.

With that is the setup, here is the trailer for season 10 of The Walking Dead, which debuted today at San Diego’s Comic-Con.

As you can see, we get our first look at Rosita’s baby in the trailer, who appears to be ailing. Aaro and Negan will team up (reluctantly); we will meet Dante; there’s a showdown between Carol and Alpha (“bitch better die”), and we return to Oceanside. Oh, and Michonne and Ezekiel? That’s happening!

At Comic-Con, vague rumors that The Walking Dead would end after season 10 were dispelled. It was also announced that Kevin Carroll (The Leftovers) would be added to the cast as Virgil, and that Thora Birch (Ghost World) will play Gamma. Gurira also confirmed that this would be her last season.

The Walking Dead will return on October 6th with a premiere episode written by showrunner Angela Kang and directed by Greg Nicotero.