‘The Walking Dead’ Fans Had A Lot To Say About Eugene


Viewers of The Walking Dead have had a lot of mixed feelings about Eugene this season. After he switched sides and started playing for Negan and The Saviors, things got so heated for the actor who plays Eugene, Josh McDermitt, that he quit Twitter after receiving death threats.

Things didn’t get much better for Eugene on Twitter in the first half of tonight’s episode, “Wrath.” After Negan tested Eugene’s bullets, and after Eugene pulled a gun on Father Gabriel, all that animosity that had built up for months came spewing out on Twitter. Viewers wanted him dead.


But things can change in a heartbeat on The Walking Dead. Turns out, Eugene had been playing the long game. Or, at the very least, he had a change of heart after Rosita humiliated him in last week’s episode. After Rick and the Alexandrians fell into Negan’s trap, it turned out that Eugene had a trap of his own. He took a cue from Father Gabriel and manufactured bullets that would “slam fire” onto the Alexandrians. All of their guns blew up in their hands, allowing the Alexandrians to take back control and ultimately win the All Out War.

Eugene was the decisive player in the entire saga!

At that moment, Twitter quickly changed its tune where it concerns Eugene.


From zero to hero at the speed of a backfiring bullet. He even managed to win Rosita’s forgiveness, although not for the puke. Let’s hope, too, that McDermitt feels safe to return to Twitter sometime soon.