‘The Watcher’ And ‘Monster’ (Which Began With ‘Dahmer’) Will Somehow Continue For Future Controversial Seasons

As you probably are aware, Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, and The Watcher (both from Ryan Murphy) have been dominating Netflix for weeks. Both have done so with some degree of controversy, first when people grew upset about the LGBTQ tag being used for a serial-killer dramatization (which also spawned backlash from the families of the cannibal’s victims). Then people grew upset when The Watcher, much like the real-life case, ended with a lack of closure regarding The Watcher’s identity. That second show is still worth a whirl, and people are apparently still binging the heck out of Dahmer with Netflix claiming that the series will soon reach 1 billion hours viewed worldwide.

For that reason, Netflix has found a way to renew both shows, sort of. The Watcher will continue with a second season, and Dahmer won’t technically continue, but the Monster franchise will live on for least two iterations. From a Netflix press release:

The future installments of Monster will tell the stories of other monstrous figures who have impacted society.

Additionally, Netflix has ordered a second season of the Murphy, Brennan and Eric Newman real-estate thriller, The Watcher.

So there you have it. We’ll see other serial killers receive the spotlight, proving that America’s continued obsession with them shall never end, including on Netflix. Also, we should probably stop expecting any straight-forward presentations from Ryan Murphy, as evidenced by his other Netflix outings. There’s no telling how The Watcher might continue, given that the threatening letters stopped taunting the central family, and Jennifer Coolidge’s realtor ran for the hills. However, she’s the sole connecting cast member of HBO’s The White Lotus seasons, so perhaps she can be the glue here, too.