The Two Biggest Shows On Netflix At The Moment Are From Ryan Murphy… And Ryan Murphy

Ryan Murphy is on a Chicago Bulls in the late 1990s-like run right now.

Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Murphy’s controversial limited series starring Evan Peters as serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, is one of Netflix’s biggest shows ever. But it fell to the second spot on the streaming service’s top-10 list this week. What replaced it at the top of the chart? Another Ryan Murphy series.

Variety reports The Watcher, the mystery-thriller that’s based on a real-life case, “racked up a chart-topping 125 million hours watched in its first four days of availability.” Meanwhile, in its third week of availability, Dahmer was watched by subscribers for 122.8 million hours. It’s now at “824.2 million viewing hours since its September 21 premiere, and stands as the second most-watched English-language series Netflix has ever had, second only to season four of Stranger Things.” Maybe it’s happened before, but I can’t think of another instance where Netflix’s two biggest shows are from the same creator… who’s also a producer for the streaming service’s fourth biggest movie at the moment.

Murphy has one other title on this week’s Netflix Top 10: Mr. Harrigan’s Phone, which was No. 4 on the English-language movies chart with 20.1 million hours watched in its first full week of availability, down from second place with 35.4 million hours during the Oct. 3-9 viewing window, which it was available for five days.

Your move, Shonda.

(Via Variety)